National Church Adopt a School

National Church Adopt-a-School Initiative

Implement Dr. Tony Evans’ National Adopt-a-School Initiative in Houston, Texas, by linking volunteers/mentors with students. This rebuilds communities, resulting in changed lives, and therefore, transformed families. Transformed families change communities, and changed communities change the nation.

The problems in our nation may seem overwhelming, but God has provided the answers to the issues of today in His Word. Since it can be difficult for churches that want to make an impact to know where to start, Dr. Evans has developed a national plan that can be implemented on a local level. The National Church Adopt-A-School Initiative is a strategy that trains churches to partner with local public schools to provide mentoring, tutoring, and family support services. Together, we can win the next generation for God.

Laura Ingle has completed the training course for Dr. Evans’ National Church Adopt-a-School Initiative, and Links of Love will be promoting the National Church Adopt-a-School Initiative in Houston and surrounding areas. “Change a thought – change a life. Changed lives then transform families. Transformed families change communities.”

For more information on the National Church Adopt-a-School Initiative,
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Also, if you are a pastor, church official or church member, and would like more information as to how your church can become involved, please Contact Us.

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