School/Community Gardening

Links of Love is currently working on determining the location of its’ first community and/or school garden. If you would like to be notified of volunteer opportunities, please leave your contact information here “Contact Us“. Also, Links of Love is compiling its’ first budget for the garden, so any monetary contributions will be gratefully appreciated.

favionConstruct and maintain community and school gardens in disadvantaged areas of Houston, thus enabling children to flourish and learn about and how their food is grown and harvested. Community and school gardens also enable friendships to form and communities to thrive.

favionLaura Ingle is a board member of the Oak Forest Elementary Growers, and has worked in the school garden at Oak Forest Elementary in Kingwood, Texas. The school gardens to be created by Links of Love will use the tried and true garden plan as set forth by the OFE Growers. The garden at the Oak Forest Elementary School in Kingwood has been thriving and producing for thirteen years. Links of Love will also closely work with Urban Harvest, who will be intricately involved in the creation and sustainability of each school and community garden.

favionEducate students and adults in the areas of science, biology, chemistry, botany and nutrition through classroom teaching and one-on-one instruction. Links of Love will implement a teaching plan patterned after the one at the Oak Forest Elementary School. This teaching plan involves a workbook, PowerPoint presentation and weekly lecture.

favionProvide a revenue making resource for disadvantaged communities through the community and/or school garden via sales to local restaurants and farmers markets in conjunction with the Houston Regional Market Growers Co-op.

favionPromote entrepreneurial visions and opportunities via the community or school garden.

favionProvide a local food source for the residents of the community by making healthy, organic fruits and vegetables available to the residents, as well as creating an urban oasis for the community.

favionPromote greater respect for a greener, sustainable environment.

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